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Hangzhou Hao Yeah Textile Co., Ltd., we are a leading manufacturer specializing in HaoYeah brand home textiles including curtain fabric and sofa fabric. Our main products are velvet, jacquard, chenille, linen fabrics and so on. With 22 years of experience in the industry, we have become one of manufacturers of upholstery fabric in the Textile Centre of China. Reliable Metallic jacquard curtain fabric Suppliers and Wholesale Metallic jacquard curtain fabric Company in China. The products are widely used in decoration and popular in Middle-east, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries.
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Metallic jacquard curtain fabric Industry knowledge
What effects will the metallic elements in metallic jacquard curtain fabrics produce?

Metallic elements in metallic jacquard curtain fabrics will produce the following effects:

Glitter Effect: Metallic elements give the curtain fabric a sparkling look, adding to the luxurious feel and visual appeal of the room. The metal threads will produce a sparkling effect when illuminated by light, making the curtain fabric exude a charming luster.

Three-dimensional effect: The addition of metal elements makes the jacquard curtain fabric more textured and three-dimensional. Metallic threads can accentuate patterns and textures on curtains, making them more vivid and eye-catching.

Modern: Metallic colors often complement modern styles. Metallic elements give the curtain fabric a fashionable and modern feel, suitable for modern home decoration styles.

Warmth: Metallic tones such as gold, copper or silver often have a warm color, adding a warm and cozy atmosphere to interior spaces.

Uniqueness: Metallic elements give curtain fabrics unique characteristics, making them different from ordinary fabrics and becoming one of the highlights of room decoration.

How does metallic jacquard curtain fabric reduce fire risks in the face of fire?

Metallic jacquard curtain fabrics contain metallic elements, so there may be some safety considerations in the event of a fire. Here are some suggestions for reducing the risk of fire:

Choose qualified fabrics: Choose metallic jacquard curtain fabrics that meet fire safety standards. Some fabrics may be treated with a fire-resistant treatment to reduce the risk of burning. Make sure the curtain fabric you buy complies with local fire safety regulations and standards.

Avoid direct contact with fire sources: Avoid direct exposure of metallic jacquard curtain fabrics to sources of fire, such as stoves, candlesticks or fireworks. Make sure curtains are kept away from open flames, especially in cooking areas and other potential fire risk areas.

Trim and clean up promptly: Trim curtain edges and folds regularly to avoid contact between curtains and fire sources. In addition, cleaning curtains regularly to remove dust and debris can reduce the risk of fire.

Install fire alarms: Install fire alarms in the room and test their functionality regularly. Fire alarms can sound an early warning when a fire occurs and remind residents to take appropriate measures to deal with the fire.

Education and Training: Educate and train family members on fire safety, including how to properly use fire sources, how to handle fire emergencies, and how to escape. Make sure everyone knows how to respond to a fire to reduce the risk and harm of a fire.