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Hangzhou Haoyeah Textile Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Hao Yeah Textile Co., Ltd., we are a leading manufacturer specializing in HaoYeah brand home textiles including curtain fabric and sofa fabric. Jacquard Sofa Fabric Manufacturers and Custom Jacquard Sofa Fabric Factory in China. Our main products are velvet, jacquard, chenille, linen fabrics and so on. With 22 years of experience in the industry, we have become one of manufacturers of upholstery fabric in the Textile Centre of China. The products are widely used in decoration and popular in Middle-east, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries.
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Industry knowledge
How to vacuum jacquard sofa fabric regularly?

The jacquard sofa fabric can be hung in place and then vacuumed regularly using a vacuum cleaner. Here are the steps for regular vacuuming of jacquard sofa fabric:

Prepare your vacuum cleaner: Make sure your vacuum cleaner has a soft brush attachment suitable for gentle cleaning or a nozzle suitable for upholstery cleaning. If possible, set your vacuum to a low suction setting to avoid pulling or damaging fabrics.

Preparing the jacquard sofa fabric: Hang the jacquard sofa fabric in a suitable location so that it can be easily reached. You can hang it indoors on a drying rack or other suitable bracket.

Start vacuuming: Use a vacuum cleaner and the appropriate attachment to start vacuuming. Start at the top of the jacquard sofa fabric and work your way down. Use gentle, overlapping motions to cover the entire fabric surface, making sure the vacuum reaches every part.

Attention to details and edges: Pay special attention to the details and edges of your jacquard pattern, as dust and dirt tend to accumulate in these areas. Use the small head or slender nozzle of a vacuum cleaner to gently vacuum it to ensure a thorough clean.

Regular Cleaning: Vacuum the jacquard sofa fabric regularly at regular intervals to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. The exact frequency depends on the frequency of use of the fabric and environmental conditions.

Check the fabric: While vacuuming, check the jacquard sofa fabric for any damage or loose threads. If problems are found, deal with them promptly to prevent further damage.

What are the effects of the jacquard sofa fabric?

The jacquard process creates many unique effects in jacquard sofa fabrics, some of which include:

Three-dimensionality and texture: The jacquard process can form a three-dimensional pattern or design on the sofa fabric by adding additional yarns or lines to the surface of the fabric. This three-dimensional effect adds texture to the fabric, making it look richer and more sophisticated.

Texture and layering: Jacquard patterns create texture and layering on the fabric, making it visually richer and more interesting. These textures and layers can be patterns, flowers, leaves, etc., adding an artistic and decorative effect to the sofa fabric.

Detail and sophistication: Jacquard craftsmanship makes the pattern or design on the sofa fabric more detailed and refined. Subtle lines and textures can add detail to the fabric, making it more ornamental and decorative.

Personalization and customization: Jacquard craftsmanship can be customized according to the needs of customers to meet their needs for specific patterns, colors and sizes. This kind of personalization can give the sofa fabric a unique personality and style that makes it stand out from the rest.

Fashion and modernity: Jacquard craftsmanship is often associated with fashion and modernity because of its ability to create novel, avant-garde patterns and designs. Jacquard sofa fabric can become a fashionable highlight in interior decoration, adding modernity and personal charm to home spaces.