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Glue pressing velvet curtain fabric Industry knowledge
How to apply glue to pressed velvet curtain fabric during production?

During the production process, applying glue to glue pressing velvet curtain fabrics usually includes the following steps:

Choose glue: First, you need to choose a suitable glue. This glue is usually polymer-based, such as polyester resin or polyvinyl acetate. These glues have good adhesion and durability and are suitable for bonding with fleece.

Coating glue: The prepared flannel cloth will be passed through a coating machine or other coating equipment to evenly apply glue on the surface of the flannel cloth. During the coating process, it is necessary to ensure that the glue is evenly distributed on the entire surface of the flannel to ensure that the subsequent glue treatment effect is good.

Drying treatment: The coated flannel needs a certain drying time to allow the glue to fully dry and solidify. This can be done by placing the flannel in a well-ventilated drying room, or using a drying device to speed up the drying process.

Glue layer control: During the glue coating process, the amount of glue applied needs to be controlled to ensure the formation of an appropriate glue layer thickness. Too little glue may result in poor bonding, while too much glue may cause sticking or unevenness on the fleece surface.

Quality inspection: After the glue application process is completed, the flannel is usually inspected for quality to ensure that the glue is evenly applied, adheres firmly, and does not have any flaws or defects.

How to prevent moisture and dust when storing Glue Pressing Velvet Curtain Fabric?

To prevent moisture and dust when storing Glue Pressing Velvet Curtain Fabric, here are some suggestions:

Choose a Suitable Storage Location: Opt for a dry and well-ventilated area to store the curtain fabric, avoiding damp environments. Consider storing the fabric in a closet, drawer, or sealed storage box to prevent moisture and dust from infiltrating.

Use Sealed Containers: Store the curtain fabric in sealed plastic bags, vacuum-sealed bags, or airtight containers to effectively isolate it from moisture and dust in the air. Ensure the containers are completely sealed to prevent moisture and dust ingress.

Elevate from the Floor: Avoid direct contact between the curtain fabric and the floor, especially in humid environments. Use shelves, hangers, or raised storage racks to hang or elevate the fabric, preventing it from touching the ground where moisture and dust may accumulate.

Regular Cleaning: Periodically check and clean the storage containers or location to ensure they remain dry and clean. Wipe the surface of the containers with a damp cloth and ventilate the area regularly to maintain airflow and prevent dampness and mold growth.