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Hangzhou Hao Yeah Textile Co., Ltd., we are a leading manufacturer specializing in HaoYeah brand home textiles including curtain fabric and sofa fabric. Linen Sofa Fabric Manufacturers and Custom Linen Sofa Fabric Factory in China. Our main products are velvet, jacquard, chenille, linen fabrics and so on. With 22 years of experience in the industry, we have become one of manufacturers of upholstery fabric in the Textile Centre of China. The products are widely used in decoration and popular in Middle-east, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries.
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Industry knowledge
How to vacuum regularly when cleaning and maintaining linen sofa fabrics?

Regular vacuuming is one of the important steps in keeping your linen sofa fabric clean and maintained. Here are some ways on how to vacuum regularly:

Choose the right vacuum cleaner attachment when vacuuming: Use a soft-bristled brush head or a wide-head vacuum cleaner attachment to avoid damaging linens while vacuuming.

Adjust the vacuum cleaner power when vacuuming: Adjust the vacuum cleaner power to a moderate level to avoid excessive suction from damaging fabric fibers or causing surface deformation.

When vacuuming, vacuum in the direction of the grain: Keep the movement direction of the vacuum cleaner on the sofa surface consistent with the grain direction of the flax fibers, so that dust and debris can be removed more thoroughly while reducing damage to the fabric.

Vacuum regularly: It is recommended to vacuum at least once a week to keep the sofa surface clean. If you have pets in your home or your couch is used frequently, you may need to vacuum more frequently.

When vacuuming, vacuum nooks and crannies thoroughly: When vacuuming, pay special attention to the nooks and crannies of your sofa, which are often the main areas where dust and clutter accumulate.

Replace your vacuum cleaner bag or empty your vacuum cleaner container regularly: If you are using a vacuum cleaner bag, replace it regularly to maintain effective vacuuming. If you are using a bagless vacuum cleaner, remember to empty the vacuum cleaner container regularly to prevent dust and debris from accumulating and affecting the vacuuming effect.

Regular vacuuming can effectively remove dust and debris from the linen sofa fabric, keep the sofa clean and tidy, and extend its service life.

Why is linen sofa fabric easy to dye?

The main reason why linen sofa fabric is easy to dye is that the flax fiber itself has strong water absorption and permeability. The following are several main factors that cause linen sofa fabrics to be easily stained:

Linen sofa fabric is absorbent. Linen fibers can absorb large amounts of water, which makes the fabric prone to absorbing dyes or pigments from liquids. When liquid comes into contact with linen fabric, the linen fibers will quickly absorb the color molecules in the liquid, causing the fabric to stain.

Linen sofa fabric is permeable. The structure of flax fiber is relatively open, and water molecules and pigments can relatively easily penetrate into the fiber. This makes it easier for the dye in the liquid to enter the fiber structure, causing the fabric to stain.

Linen sofa fabric is reactive. Linen fibers are highly reactive with certain chemicals and dyes, which makes it easier for linen fibers to chemically react with dyes, leading to staining.

Linen sofa fabric is light in color. Some linen sofa fabrics may be designed in light or pastel colors, which makes stains and dyes more visible. Even a little bit of color spilled onto linen can cause noticeable staining.

Therefore, in order to prevent linen sofa fabric from staining, it is recommended to avoid contact with colored liquids or dyes during use. In the event of an accidental spill, the liquid should be blotted up with a clean rag and cleaned as soon as possible to reduce the possibility of staining. In addition, regular cleaning and maintenance of linen sofa fabrics are also important measures to reduce the risk of staining.